Put all other issues on the back burner. We’ve got work to do.  If you don’t focus on the most important election of our life time, you only have yourself to blame, again!

This election is about choosing between our Freedoms or continuing down the path of Socialism.  After all that you have done to educate yourself and your community on our Founding Fathers, the Constitution, our personal liberties and rights, don’t let it all go to waste.  You cannot sit there and complain without putting in the effort.  Every little bit helps.  Commit to 2 hours a week.  Let’s show them how 912ers roll!

  • Continue educating on the issues
  • Contact your nearest Victory Center to sign up to volunteer
  • Make phone calls
  • Participate in walking campaigns
  • Put up Yard signs
  • Donate money and get your friends to do the same

Visit these websites to engage in restoring our Country:





November 7, 2012

Organize a rally to be held in your town no matter what the outcome.  A day/evening of gathering for Americans will be a much needed event.  Plan on singing, speaking and praying!  912ers always come together as one America.

You may also want to consider standing together with your local members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) to support them.  If there is any lashing out directed at that particular denomination, 912ers should stand together shoulder to shoulder in unity.

Next steps after the big party on November 7!

Our mission has never been about elections.  Our work has just begun.  We need to continue working on education and connecting to our communities.  Here are some ideas to keep you going!


  • Put on a Patriot Camp for kids in your area.  Go to www.constitutionalchampions.org
  • Educate and investigate Agenda 21—see information tab on ways to get involved
  • Help coordinate efforts to protest the main stream media



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