State Representatives

State Representatives are appointed to coordinate with the local 912 Project groups in each state, to help new members find their local group and to assist new groups in getting started. The state representatives also coordinate with the Advisory Board members to identify the successes and the needs of those local groups in their state. If you need to find a 912 Project group in your state, you can search for one here, or you contact your state representative.

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State Contact Email
Alabama Art Scevola
Alaska Open
Arizona Luke Rogonjich
Arkansas Art Scevola
California Art Scevola
California Open
Colorado Open
Connecticut Joni Lambert
Delaware Josh Lyons
Delaware Mark Kreslins
District of Columbia Open
Florida Mark LaMons
Georgia Mary Adamski
Hawaii Art Scevola
Idaho Art Scevola
Illinois Laura Wallett
Indiana Melissa Smith
Iowa Trent Thevenot
Kansas Vince Wonderlich
Kentucky Eric Wilson
Louisiana Open
Maine Art Scevola
Maryland Josh Lyons
Maryland Mark Kreslins
Massachusetts Donna Rinaldi
Michigan Open
Minnesota Open
Mississippi Art Scevola
Missouri Open
Montana Art Scevola
Nebraska Open
Nevada Art Scevola
New Hampshire Art Scevola
New Jersey Open
New Mexico Open
New York Jason Kowalczyk
North Carolina Open
North Dakota Open
Ohio Geoff Rapp
Oklahoma Art Scevola
Oregon Art Scevola
Pennsylvania Deb Imholt
Rhode Island Deb DeAngelo
South Carolina Art Scevola
South Dakota Open
Tennessee Open
Texas Thelma Taormina
Utah Kim Coleman
Vermont Ellie Martin
Virginia Art Scevola
Washington Greg Woodworth
West Virginia Art Scevola
Wisconsin Open
Wyoming Open

Need to update any of the information above? Please contact us.


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