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Our Advisory Board

Meet the team of folks from across the country who are working together to build The 912 Project into a strong national movement for education and commitment to community. This is the national Advisory Board for The 912 Project.

Some current and former members of the 9/12 Advisory Board pause from the annual state meeting to strike a pose.

Yvonne Donnelly

Yvonne Donnelly is the Chair of The 9/12 Project. She took on the responsibility early on to coordinate volunteers and groups across the nation and provide them a way to connect with one another. Little did she know that a little over one year latter she would continue to develop a movement through this venue. With the amount of emails coming in to the original site it was apparent that she needed help. With help from fellow volunteer Mike Opelka, Yvonne answered emails by the hundreds to ensure that people got involved locally. Through those emails other individuals emerged as leaders. You will see listed the names of our Advisory Board members. These individuals are now acting in a capacity of directing, developing and consulting through their experience and great talents.

Maria Acosta

Maria Acosta established the Central Texas 9/12 Project on March 13, 2009. Since the group’s first meeting in Cedar Park, they have held over 250 meetings in the Central Texas area. Their primary focus has been educating citizens about The U.S. Constitution and the Founding Principles that make our country great.

Susan Bennett

Susan is a 37 year old native of Kentucky, who has always had a passion for politics. She spent her late teen years engaging her peers, reminding them of the importance of their vote. She worked within her surrounding counties on the Brereton Jones for Governor campaign. Governor Jones (D) served the Commonwealth of Kentucky from 1991-1995. Susan quickly saw the disconnect between campaign platforms and the legislation being written and passed. Disheartened that she was not making a difference, she realized that working locally with individuals directly is always more effective than working through Government bureaucracies. She began working with The Ky 912 movement during preparation for The Bluegrass Tax Liberation Day on April 18th, 2009. She served as the Kentucky State Marketing/PR Coordinator until moving to Michigan in February of 2010 where she currently lives with her brilliant Border Collie, Lucy.

Jennifer Bernstone

Jennifer Bernstone has been a member of CNY912 since March 8, 2009. Jennifer’s true passion lies in ‘book clubs’ as a means of promoting conversation in our daily lives about the principles and values of religion and politics. We need to/have to/must educate ourselves and practice conversing about these topics. By practicing in a ‘safe’ environment we will be more likely and better prepared to teach and talk to others. If the citizens of America do not educate ourselves, our families and our neighbors, we will become what our forefathers ran from 200 years ago.

Mike Opelka

Mike is a founding member of the 912 Project. He was one of the architects of the original website and has served as the Editor-At-Large since the project launched on March 13, 2009. Opelka is also a regular contributor to BigJournalism.com and BigPeace.com and operates a think tank and consulting group known as Stuntbrains – (spare brains available 24/7/365).

Lori Parker

Lori Parker is a wife and mother of four and the president and co-founder of As a Mom… A Sisterhood of Mommy Patriots. She has been volunteering all her life in schools, Boys Scouts, hospitals, and her church. Her recent odyssey into the patriot movement began with the question, “What can one person do?” Lori has a zeal for the Constitution and urges every American to read it often. Her passion has led to the birth of SaveItReadIt.org as well as www.AsAMom.org.

Barbara Samuells

After raising two daughters and celebrating a 40th wedding anniversary, Barbara Samuells was winding down a career as a CPA and college professor and anticipating a peaceful retirement. However, when she heard she would be “allowed” to keep her doctor, she knew this was not politics as usual. When she heard $535 billion was being cut from Medicare, she knew no one would be able to keep their doctor and Seniors would be the first to suffer.

A dinner table conversation with two favorite Super Seniors, her Mom and Dad, about the uncertainties of this healthcare reform ignited that inner voice for action and Barbara founded the 9/12 Super Seniors. The 9 principles and 12 values of the 9/12 Project were familiar lifelong guidelines to the Seniors who came together on April 15, 2009, in the first local Super Seniors group. They shared concerns, questions and information with goals of educating themselves and empowering Seniors to act to preserve the freedoms and prosperity of America.

After Barbara spoke on the Glenn Beck show about the 9/12 Super Seniors, the outpouring of interest pushed the development of www.912SuperSeniors.org and spurred the establishment of other local Super Seniors groups.

Barbara recently joined the Advisory Board of the 9/12 Project and is eager to contribute to the growth of the 9/12 Project while developing shared resources and goals with the 9/12 Super Seniors.

Stephani Scruggs

Stephani Scruggs is a Systems Consultant with a 20 year history of sales, marketing, and business management. The skills learned in the free market have helped immensely in the realm of grassroots ideals. She has appeared on the Glenn Beck Television Show as well as numerous regional radio shows to discuss the importance of the American Constitution and the rights it grants its citizens.

While always somewhat interested in politics, it was the Bush years that set Stephani on the course of activism. Realizing the potentially dangerous applications of the Patriot Act, not to mention the unconstitutionality of its provisions; Stephani began paying much closer attention to the growth of the Federal Government. TARP and the General Motors takeover focused that attention; however, a fire was lit when the ACLU attacked Christians in a neighboring school system. She was now ready to take on the establishment and actively work to save liberty. Stephani now serves as the National Co-Chair of The 9/12 Project as well as the acting President of Unite In Action.

Mimi Steel

Mimi Steel is a former US Air Force Officer working in the high tech industry in Silicon Valley. She was inspired by Glenn Beck to start a 9/12 organization in the San Francisco Bay Area to let people in this very liberal area know that they were not alone. This gave them the opportunity to meet each other and get actively involved in local issues. There are three groups under the SFBay912 umbrella, Pennisula, South Bay, and East Bay totaling over 1,000 people.

Eric Wilson

Eric has become a zealous and motivated patriot working to effect change and promote accountability through education and organization at a truly grassroots level. He has been a guest on the Glenn Beck television program and has made countless appearances and speeches across the Commonwealth of Kentucky. In addition to serving on the national advisory board and being a regional coordinator, Eric is currently a proud state representative for the Kentucky 9/12 Project.

Jason Roberts

Jason is owner of NetFUSION Studios Web and Graphic Designs and provides support for the 9/12 project website. In addition to running his design business, he also maintains and writes for the conservative blog The Roberts Report Online and TheForgottenMan.org.

Included in Jason’s beliefs is that the Constitution of the United States is being destroyed by Progressives, extreme far left Liberals, and even some so-called Conservatives who believe that a new Socialist Society is where the United States of America is heading. He is active in his local community bringing awareness to the issues and teaching conservatives that it is OK to become vocal and express their opinions. In addition to local charitable giving, he has recently become active battling progressive social justice that has infected the Catholic Church.

Art Scevola

Originally from Florida, Art lived in Lake Oswego for almost 20 years. He is married to Cindy, a career Kindergarten teacher. The Scevolas have 2 children and 4 grandchildren, all living in the North West. Art is a self employed life insurance and planning professional having previously retired in 2001 after 16 years as an estate planning specialist at Merrill Lynch both in Florida and the Pacific NorthWest. He is a member and past president of the Kruseway Lake Oswego Rotary Club, past board member of the Lake Oswego Chamber of Commerce and Lakewood Center for the Arts, and formerly chair of the Planned Giving Committee of the Portland Opera. His political activism includes, founder and President of The Oregon 9/12 Project and and Oregon state coordinator for The 9/12 Project, a member of Americans for Prosperity, and the Oregon Tea Party. Art’s interests in addition to his family, are golf, music, and everything outdoors.

Thelma Taormina

Thelma grew up in Central New York.  She and her husband, Nick, moved to Houston, TX in 1997.  Brought up in a small town in Upstate New York, she grew up instinctively knowing that she lived in the best place on earth.  In NYS, she was a licensed Real Estate Broker.  She has defied the odds several times, surviving brain, heart and aortic surgery.  Apparently God was and is not ready for her!  She clearly understood why and what His plans were that day in February 2009 when she started the Houston based Meetup Group for the “We Surround Them Viewing Parties”.  After that initial show, Thelma founded We The People Are The 9/12 Association, Inc. a non-profit Association, and her husband Nick serves as President.  Their love for the United States of America and its people keep them striving for the restoration of the Founding Principles. Her devotion to The 9/12 Project, is due to her belief that by reaching one person at a time with truth, through education, information and enlightenment, we will restore freedom for all future generations.


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