Stand Up for Your Rights!

Stepping Out and Speaking Up

Learn about the different  types of meetings and how to be effective

  • Visioning and Consensus Meetings are supposedly used to get “public input” but the reality is that they are designed to get the outcome that the planners want.  You must understand the GROUP MANIPULATION TECHNIQUES that are used so that you know how to counter them.  You cannot do this alone.  You need a team of trained people in order to provide true input.

i.      This video in a composite of two meetings that shows how questions are not answered and people are marginalized


ii.      This video has the facilitator giving citizens a “time out” for asking a question about business considerations


iii.      This video shows a citizen being marginalized for asking about “open space”


iv.      Read the book “How to Counter Group Manipulation Techniques: The Techniques of Unethical Consensus-Building Unmasked”



Now that you start attending these meetings and you are speaking out…it will become clear what you will need to fight against.  Be prepared!


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