See if your city, county or region has signed up for ICLEI (International Counsil on Local Environmental Initiatives) here.  ICLEI is an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) accredited to the UN designed to help local communities develop ordinances, climate action plans, and institutionalize the planning that complies with Agenda 21.  Our Federal government is also promoting this under a program called the “SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITIES STRATEGIES/INITIATIVES”.

Get involved, your LIBERTY is at stake.



We need all 912ers on deck to help stop this.  Wake up your friends and neighbors.  Reach out to Tea Party, Libertarians, Democrats and Independents and educate them on the threat. This issue affects everyone regardless of political party and should be a matter for finding common ground.

Taking Action-Educating & Preparing Yourself

  • Learn the terms
  • Review your city plan (available on your city website or in your city planning department).  Look specifically for:
    • Land use element
    • Housing element
    • Find out when the planning department meets and attend their meetings
    • Find out when your city council meets and attend their meetings
    • If you live in a metropolitan area, there is probably a regional organization that controls transportation and planning.  Check here: Get on email lists to monitor activities and attend meetings.
    • If you have a regional planning organization you need to find out when they meet and what plans they are developing.

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