To find out what Agenda 21 is, we would like to challenge you to quasi scavenger hunt, because basically research comes down to just that, a hunt for the truth.  Your starting place will be your “search bar” located on your Internet Browser.

  • In your search bar, enter the name of your town or city, then, type these two words: sustainability plan and hit enter.  Look through the list of links and if one interests you, click on it.
  • Once you have done this first step, return to your search bar and remove the name of your town or city and just type the words sustainability plan.  The list should have grown longer.

There are a variety of phrases which can be typed into your search bar that will open your eyes.

Here are just a few:

Regional Plans Vision 2035 Vision 2050
Green Schools Environmental Justice Social Justice
Smart Growth Sustainability in the USA Livable Centers
Non-Governmental Organizations

As you slowly look into Agenda 21, you will find that it has been and continues to be implemented quietly into our society inside the United States.  You will also find that it has been and continues to be implemented in most countries.  This is not a conspiracy, it is fact.

We are powerful, but we must take action.  The first part of total empowerment is education.  Knowledge is what will save us, however taking the leap to challenge your personal bias can only be done by YOU, as an INDIVIDUAL.

We urge you to take this first challenge, and then answer the questions below.

  • Do you believe that there are people in this world who, given the chance, would dominate and rule the masses?  If your answer is “No”, can you explain Cuba, Venezuela, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, N. Korea, and China?
  • Would Americans stand by and let anyone dominate and rule the United States of America?  If your answer is “No”, then can you explain the EPA, the Dept. of Education, and the Department of Homeland Security?
  • If it was possible to control the U.S.A., can you imagine how it could happen?
  • What would need to be done in order to create a U.S.A that was ruled and dictated to?
  • Are you willing to ask these questions and consider the answers?

If so, we ask you to become informed, not of “Conspiracy Theories” or “Rumors”, but of the facts!

If you cherish your freedom, your way of life, and believe in the Bill of Rights, then we ask you to do only one thing, become informed.  We encourage you to visit the links below.  To accomplish a large task, you must first start with an Agenda.  Certain individuals in this world believe they know best for you and me…as you inform yourself, ask yourself who really knows better!

If you have questions, please email Mimi Steel or Thelma Taormina


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