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Calling for Paul Revere

By Art Scevola

 Art Scevola is founder and president of the Oregon 912 Project and a member of the Advisory Board of The 912 Project, www.the912-project.com

Our country is once again largely asleep and seems dead to the perversion of individual liberty that has befallen us over the past three years. Many of us who read and understand history are fully aware that the United States has entered a very dark period. The signs are all around us. Just look at only the most recent events that support my assertion.

The increase in “statism” is led by a president who does not believe in America’s exceptionalism or her values as evidenced by his enthusiasm in supporting hundreds of “green” projects, including numerous failures like Solyndra (estimated to represent as much as $4 billion in additional taxpayer losses), by denying our opportunities for energy independence like the Keystone pipeline, and by allowing oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico to be lost to Brazil.

Our foreign policy is in disarray and by most accounts a disaster, especially in the Middle East. Our military, already stretched thin in three or four theaters of war, now faces huge budget cuts. Regarding homeland security, our borders need protection, as a violent drug war rages and spills into Texas and Arizona. The Justice Department denies responsibility for supplying arms to Mexican criminals while prosecuting brave border guards.

So, what we have is an Administration that is a runaway train, bent on consolidating political power at home and appeasement overseas.

The media tell us the economy is in recovery, but the real cost of goods and services are dramatically higher, with record prices at the pump leading the way. Jobless claims are spun and distorted to obscure the real picture among minority and youth populations where the numbers are double or more what are being reported. Meanwhile, the presses continue to roll at the Treasury, as the Fed devalues more and more of our wages and wealth.

The politics of derision, the attack on our Bill of Rights and the Constitution, the attempt to control every aspect of our lives, and the phony lies about all of it are never held to account by the mainstream media. The abuse of political privilege by those elected to represent us in government should cause Americans of every faith, gender, and political persuasion to focus ahead on the cliff of failure we are rapidly approaching, so we can apply the brakes before it’s too late.

Do we need a Paul Revere. No we need hundreds if not thousands of Paul and Paula  Revere’s. The water is getting warm, but like the proverbial frog, it will be too late to jump once the water starts to boil. When the history of our time is written, what will be said of us? Will we be the generation that stood strong and maintained the defense of our God-given rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? Will we stand up for and defend the Constitution?

The answers lie in the time tested but often forgotten or ignored plea….”those that fail to learn from history are destined to repeat it”…We must understand the parallels that exist in the events and actions of government in the context of history and with a grasp on their consequences for freedom.This is the answer that American’s must rapidly embrace in order that we identify the things we must do to turn back the inevitable lessons we are subject to repeating the hard way. In all the history of human civilization, no society or country has ever broken the inevitable circle that starts and ends with “bondage” every 200-300 years. It is ours to break that pattern in America, the greatest and best country to ever exist on the planet. Failure to do so is not an option.



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