Advocacy & Preparedness

Stay on top of proposed, pending and recently passed legislation. Follow the Congressional schedules so you'll know when the issues your community cares about are being debated on the floors of the House and Senate. Stay abreast of issue campaigns and advocacy activities, and download activism guides and other helpful resources. At the same time, educate at home - be prepared and self-reliant.

Advocacy Issues & Causes

Advocacy Resources


Here at the 9/12 Project, we take the 9 Principles & 12 Values pretty seriously and are constantly looking for new ways to employ our philosophy in our daily lives. In applying Thrift & Personal Responsibility, we are able to become more self-sufficient, less reliant on outside assistance, and better able to cope with unexpected financial down turns. As we educate and advocate on issues going on around the country, there are also things we can do to help at home. In that spirit, we present ideas gathered from 9/12ers across the country.


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