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There are over 500 different 9/12 Project groups all across the country. We regularly spotlight some of the activities and members of these groups who are helping to promote the values of the 9/12 Project.

Got a story you’d like to suggest for a Spotlight? Send us your suggestion!  Please submit stories in electronic format (MS Word or similar) and limit your submission to 500 words or fewer.  We strongly encourage you submit one image with your story.

LOVE: Letters Owed Veterans Everywhere

Letters Owed Veterans Everywhere is a project that started in a small town in Iowa and we are working hard to make it a national tradition. This is Americans giving back the appreciation to our veterans that many have never received. Please help make this happen! [More]


SouthTown 9/12 Project Thanks Chicago Police

On Thursday, May 24th the SouthTown 9/12 Project Chicago will be thanking the Chicago Police Department for a job well done during NATO. Thank you cards and homemade cookies will be brought to the 9th District Police Station in Chicago’s Bridgeport neighborhood. We are encouraging the neighbors to send thank you notes or just stop by the police station and say “thank you” for putting your lives on the line for us.

Calling For Paul Revere

By Art Scevola

Our country is once again largely asleep and seems dead to the perversion of individual liberty that has befallen us over the past three years. Many of us who read and understand history are fully aware that the United States has entered a very dark period. The signs are all around us. Just look at only the most recent events that support my assertion.  [more]

We the People Are the 912 Association

Thelma Taormina is a dedicated patriot. She took the leap of faith, early on in this struggle by found the Houston Meetup Group. Her belief in our country and what it stands for is unwavering. The Houston Meetup became We the People Are the 912 Association, Inc. that holds monthly, committee and special issue meetings. Networking with other groups is never easy; but she keeps up with issues, people and maintains a leadership role. Thelma is a true believer in educating others on our country’s history, our freedoms and our government. Her fervent hope is that we can preserve our country for future generations to cherish, protect and honor. To learn more, go to http://912membersusa.com

The 9/12 Pikes Peak Patriots Host Colorado’s First Patriot Camp

Re-enactment of the Boston Tea Party stole the show at the Constitutional Champions Patriot Day Camp held by The 9/12 Pikes Peak Patriots at the historical Rock Ledge Ranch in Colorado Springs’ picturesque Garden of the Gods park July 11 – 14, 2011. Thanks to the great curriculum from the Constitutional Champions Foundation and the 35 hard-working adult and teen volunteers, the camp was a huge success.

The Constitutional Champions opened each day with a prayer, reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, and singing The Star Spangled Banner around the flag pole. Dressed in period costumes or custom camp T-shirts, 9/12 volunteers taught and entertained 59 elementary school children. Founders such as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, Betsy Ross, and Reverend George Whitfield enlightened the children and their parents each morning before the educational and activity sessions.

Revolutionary War events were featured first. On the second day “with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence,” the campers mutually pledged their lives, their fortune, and their sacred honor with the original 56 founders by signing a large copy of the Declaration of Independence. During Days 3 and 4, they studied the Constitution in-depth, learning among other things that it grants the most power and rights to the individual, not the government.

Burgeoning public servants and citizens in training came forward and relayed what they had learned during the daily closing ceremony. As one 9/12 volunteer put it, “With a little more education and maturity, we’ll be able to proudly and confidently pass America’s freedom torch to these kids.”

Children were not the only ones learning during this patriot camp. Parents also participated in organized sessions. Guest speakers included a Colorado State Senator, US Congressman’s aide, County Commissioner, State Board of Education Member, State Capitol Liaison, and Project Appleseed representative. Don Rodgers, 9/12 Pikes Peak Patriots co-organizer, commented that the parents’ program was a great experience for everyone – parents, elected officials and volunteers. These sessions became intimate town hall meetings with elected officials and 9/12 volunteers leading discussions on a wide variety of current topics.

The final day one mother passionately stated, “I was one of those who said, ‘I’m too busy. I have four kids, a husband, a house and homeschooling to take care of. I’m too busy for politics and things like that. But coming here has made me realize that I can’t be too busy. I need to get involved because of my husband, my kids and my homeschooling depend on it.'” Several other parents nodded in agreement as she spoke.

True stories of heroism and sacrifice have been passed on, the Declaration of Independence has been signed again, and the mock tea party ship has been stored, but the lessons these 59 children learned about American constitutional principles will live on in them as they share with their peers and the next generation. As the camp’s coordinator, Ann Macomber, aptly said, “912ers will restore America one person, one child, one day at a time.”

9/12ers in Georgetown, Texas Love “The Caring Place”

The Georgetown/Round Rock group of the Central Texas 9/12 Project held the THIRD Flash Mob for Kindness on July 9th! Twenty folks participated and gathered 25 carts of groceries. Thank you Georgetown/Round Rock 9/12 Project for offering groceries for folks in your community through The Caring Place!

Findlay 9/12 Project Dazzles Ohioans

The Patriots in Findlay, Ohio received applause for their beautiful float in their community parade. Thank you members for your hard work and Cheryl Blakely for sharing your photographs. They will certainly inspire others to share their love for our country during their communities’ parades next year!

Memorial Day at South Florida National Cemetery

Several members of South Florida 9/12 Project joined hundreds of others commemorating Memorial Day at the South Florida National Cemetery in Lake Worth. The program was well run – with frequent VA shuttles from the Target parking lot and cold bottles of water and programs handed to all arriving by Boy Scouts and other organizations. Speakers, band performances, presentation of colors, invocations all made for a memorable event.

The most touching sight of the day was involved our own South Florida 9/12er – Jeannie Barnett. She saw that an elderly veteran was uncomfortable in the sun, so she went over to him and his wife and held an umbrella to shade them from the sun. Well done, Jeannie!

To learn more about Memorial Day in South Florida click here.

Florida Patriots Unite for the AL Convoy for Kindness

In the wake of the devastating Alabama tornados, Florida 9/12ers, Tea Partiers & Patriots banded together to help our neighbors. Through the efforts of tireless volunteers, we were able to deliver much needed supplies to the Christian Service Mission, (CSM), of Birmingham. CSM is a network of 25 Alabama churches distributing food and supplies to all areas of Alabama, particularly the small towns, from their 150,000 square foot warehouse.

It is important to note that Alabama is still in crisis. People continue to live in tents and donations are still very much in demand. If you would like to help please consider sending a gift card using The 912 & Tea Party Disaster Relief Program: http://912teapartyreliefprogram.com/, or by visiting http://www.csmission.org/index-3.html.

Special thanks to all of the great Patriots who made the Alabama Convoy for Kindness a Success:

The Florida 9/12 Project
Abigail Adams Project, Pinellas 9/12 & Tampa 9/12
Brevard 9/12 & Titusville Patriots
Deland 9/12
Lake Mary 9/12 & Eastern Orlando Tea Party
First Coast Tea Party
Santa Rosa Patriots & Navarre Patriots
South Florida 9/12
Tallahassee 9/12

For more details and pictures of this wonderful event please visit Facebook.


FreedomWorks Honors 9/12ers Suzie and Will Nielson

We are proud to announce that Suzie and Will Nielson recently won the Sons and Daughters of Liberty Award from FreedomWorks for the service that they provide through their website www.Stamppeeve.com.

Suzie and Will became involved in the 9/12 Project movement on March 13, 2009. They quickly recognized that that 9/12ers needed a tool to help them unite their voices in the form of mass mailing letters to the U.S. Senate. Thus, “Stamppeeve” was born –“We use stamps because we are peeved.” The Nielson’s first mailing took place from June 29th through July 3rd, 2009. The campaign was very successful; patriots mailed an estimated 100,000+ Letters for Liberty!

Congratulations Suzie and Will! We wish you continued success!

9/12ers Deliver Kindness to Local Charities

Patriots across the country gathered in April for “Flash Mobs for Kindness”. Thousands of pounds of non-perishable items were donated to food pantries across the nation! Thank you for your kindness and for pictures from North Carolina, Illinois, Texas, and Florida!

We the People are the 9/12 Association donated 60 bags of groceries and 75 $10.00 gift cards to individuals at Workforce Solutions in Houston, Texas.

The S.W. Austin/Dripping Springs 9/12 Project donated approximately 500 lbs of groceries to Helping Hands in Dripping Springs, Texas.

The N. Austin/Cedar Park/Georgetown 9/12 Project groups donated an Expedition full of groceries to the Round Rock Serving Center.

Springfield Area 9/12 members in Illinois delivered 69 bags of groceries to area food pantries.

Pinellas 9/12 Patriot members participated in two events! On Saturday, April 16, 2011, the group collected 1,250 pounds of food along with $593.00 in cash to help F.E.A.S.T. Inc.
On April 21st they delivered additional donations to Daystar Life Center.

Cherokee Co. 9/12ers in Murphy, NC donated two truckfuls of goods to the Hurlburt-Johnson Friendship House that provides services to the homeless.

If you would like to tell us about your Flash Mob, send us your story and photographs!

9/12ers ReValue NY by Studying Foundations of Liberty

by Elizabeth Schultz (NNY912)

Attendees participate in a ReValueNY session with Monticello College President, Dr. Shanon Brooks. Photo from Huth Photo; click to enlarge.

The United States has problems. This is clearly demonstrated everyday by simply observing what is taking place on Capitol Hill, in our state capitals, and even in the many homes and places of business around the nation. While it’s easy to point to our governmental leaders as the source of our problems, the truth must be declared that our nation’s quandaries do not originate in Washington and to say so leads us down a rocky path where solutions to our national crisis will NOT be found. The root to the problem lies in the citizens. This government is merely a reflection of the quality, character, and beliefs of this people. As Americans, we have forgotten what it means to be Americans. We have lost our heritage, our principles, and our moral fiber.

Recognizing this, the 912 groups in New York are working together along with Monticello College to restore American character and principles in our communities. At the core of this project is a recognition that true and lasting change will come from the bottom up, not top down. The first phase of this project is a free 10 day statewide tour titled “ReValue America” (www.ReValueNY.com) During this tour, Monticello College President, Dr. Shanon Brooks, spends a dynamic 2 hours with an audience talking about the cycles of history, the four lost American Ideals of Georgics, Providence, Public Virtue, and Liber, and the importance of strong marriages. The first NY ReValue Tour took place this past October; Dr. Brooks spoke in 18 locations to over 800 people across the state. This tour is designed to awaken and provide the tools for individuals to become better Americans, better spouses and parents, and therefore, better citizens. This tour had an amazing impact. Hundreds of people walked away challenged, encouraged, and motivated. The tour was such a success that is returning to New York in November of 2011.

Part 2 of this project is the Foundations of Liberty Course. This intensive 18 month course is designed to grow New American Founders. This course is for individuals who thirst to go deeper, desire to become more effective at preserving and spreading liberty, and are willing to work hard to make it happen. There are currently 120 New Yorkers registered in this course and most of the 912 leaders across the state are participating. This in depth course, also offered through Monticello College, will equip participants with a deep working knowledge of the founding of this country, the principles that made her great, and the practical means for restoring America to her intended foundation. We are already seeing the positive effects of this course in our 912 groups. There is a new depth of understanding, clarity of purpose, and clearer articulation of solutions that was not present before the course started.

The NY 912 groups are deeply thankful for Dr. Shanon Brooks and Monticello College for providing the excellent content in these stellar programs. Monticello College was founded with the sole purpose of growing the next generation of New American Founders. (www.monticellocollege.org)

Kentucky 9/12 Project Helps Military Families for Thanksgiving & Christmas Season

Principle #7: I work hard for what I have and I will share it with who I want. The government cannot force me to be charitable.

The Kentucky 9/12 Project has been fortunate enough to team up with a local nonprofit organization that helps Military Families that are left behind, distributes care packages for the morale of those deployed, and provides services for wounded warriors when they return. For the Thanksgiving and Christmas Season KY9/12 participated in a special care package collection, adopting an entire field artillery unit hoping to provide to them a little Christmas cheer while serving apart from their families. Some members of this unit are serving their first tour, have taken unscathed direct fire at their barracks, and have also recently endured a loss of a fellow comrade. It was their deepest desire to use this time and their resources during the Thanks / Giving season and make a small sacrifice for those who sacrifice for us. Through the local organization, the military unit provided a Christmas wish list consisting of the usual items of comfort food, necessities, and the little things from home but also included were some specialty items such as tools for building on their off time, electronics for entertainment and a few little extra presents for an added Christmas touch.

As a statewide initiative, we spent the entire month of November and sent out e-mails and made a call to action to all 9/12 groups in Kentucky, not really sure of the response we would receive. We were truly touched by the hearts and desire of 9/12ers to give. Businesses stepped up and offered their places as drop off sites. People came out and gave bags and bags of donations and Christmas gifts. One family gave an entire new circular saw when the troop was only requesting a new saw blade. Shannon Buzzard, the KY9/12 coordinator for this donation drive, ended up taking an SUV full of items and drove four hours to the military base and had the honor and humble responsibility of presenting these generous donations directly to wives and families of the military troop KY9/12 had adopted.

What KY 9/12 Project learned through this project is how charity can be accomplished the good ole fashioned way through the spirit of giving freely without dictation of who is most deserving. There are no words to express the gratitude of knowing KY9/12 were able to serve and give back to those who sacrifice greatly not just for our country, but also for others; and that our resolve to share the spirit of unity and freedom inherently exalts the birth of our Savior during this Christmas season.

Colorado 9/12er Guest Lectures on The 912 Project at Local College

Lu Busse was twice invited in her capacity as Chair of The 9-12 Project Colorado Coalition to be a guest lecturer at Metro State College in Denver, Colorado. Both times her assigned task was to describe the Tea Party and 9-12 Project to the approximately 40 students in the Introduction to Political Science class, which is taught each regular semester. It is particularly heartening that each of the classes voted to have a special lecture about the Tea Party/9-12 Project – more than any other topic. So, at least a segment of American youth are paying attention and are hungry for information directly from us, not filtered through a professor, the media, or anyone else.

Lu spent about half the class describing how she got involved in the movement, as well as describing the tea party, how the 9-12 Project is different, what the two have in common, and why we are passionate, committed individuals working to ensure freedom for all generations through a restoration of our Constitutional Republic. When Lu opened it up for questions, it was apparent from the students’ questions and their reactions that she was not what they expected. They were also open to the 912 Project’s message of restoring constitutional principles like individual rights and limited government.

One student commented that Lu seemed very reasonable and rational, not a crazy member of the “angry mob” as we had been described by the media and many democratic office holders. It provided Lu with the perfect opportunity to urge the students not to blindly listen to and believe a single media source, but to check additional sources and listen to multiple points of view, and to seek feedback from original sources whenever possible. Lu recommended several books for the students to read to encourage them in their pursuit for truth and to aid them in defining their own roles in America’s government of the people.

When an African American student asked Lu if the tea party/912 Project movement is racist, she was grateful for the opportunity to answer that question directly. The class ended on an extremely positive note when that same student asked her how to join a group after hearing her answer.

The outreach has been a good start for Lu and gives her great hope for America. She encourages 912ers to contact their own area’s colleges and universities about speaking to their political science classes. It will be a good experience and exchange for everyone. You need only be yourself and tell your own story – it resonates with all ages.


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