Education is the most primary component of The 9/12 Project Mission. Our members believe that with the proper education and knowledge, people will make the correct decisions for themselves. We aim to inspire our communities to appreciate our nation’s history and to better understand our governing documents. With that knowledge, we can seek out solutions to today’s issues that are in the spirit of our Constitution and founding principles.
Links to the Constitution, Bill of Rights and other governing documents, founding fathers, Constitutional seminars, and more.  

All about the legislative process – from how a bill is created to how it’s enacted. Resources for kids, too – remember “Schoolhouse Rock”?  

Get in-person or online training from our partners on topics like building coalitions, organizing events, how to leverage new media and more.  

Read some of the most well-loved books recommended by other 912 Project groups. These books make great supplements to any constitutional education program.  


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