Constitutional Education

Understanding and educating others on our nation's founding documents is one of the primary components of the mission of The 912 Project. Here you'll find links to each of those important documents, as well as suggested constitutional seminars from the National Center for Constitutional Studies and other organizations. We'll also try to recommend resources and ideas for various outreach programs in which you can engage your communities and schools in constitutional education.

Constitutional Education

Founding Documents

About the Founding Fathers

Constitutional Training


Constitution Day (Sept. 17th every year)

Creative Ideas for Constitution Day Observances:

Viewing & Book Reading Groups

A few movie/video recommendations that are great supplements to constitutional outreach are below. A more comprehensive list of movies, as well as suggested books, is available in the 912 Project Reading Room (which is powered by Amazon for easy searching and purchasing). Since some are an entire series, they make perfect candidates for a weekly viewing meetup or book reading club.

Founding Fathers John Adams The Revolution

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