Legislative Education

Learn more about what our elected officials do and how they do it, using resources easy enough for nearly all age levels to follow. This page also includes a section with resources for kids. Also find information on how money influences elections and the legislative process.

General Legislative Training References

Legislative & Government Resources

  • C-Span’s Legislative Resources Section
    Chock full of all the tools you could possibly need to follow the legislative process, including links to every Congressional committee and caucus, key votes, schedules, roll calls, and a plethora of tools and resources. By far, one of the BEST resources out there!

  • Federal Election Commission
    Learn the rules of campaigning and look up campaign finance donations and expenditures. This is also a helpful resource on what constitutes a Political Action Committee (PAC) versus a 527 or 501(c) organization. (helpful, since many non-profits are NOT permitted to engage in political or partisan activity unless registered as a specific type of entity).
  • Center for Responsive Politics
    Opensecrets.org is one of the best resources for researching money’s influence on elections: donations to and from candidates, PACs, 527 groups, labor unions and other special interests.

For Young Learners

  • Kids in the House
    Educational website from the Office of the Clerk, US House of Representatives.

Remember Schoolhouse Rock?

  • Get America Rock here, civics series on the history of America and the lawmaking process.
  • You can buy the whole set on DVD as great teaching tool.

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