Activist Training

Resources to help you get yourself trained! We'll provide you with materials for jump-starting your own 912 Project initiatives and marketing your groups. And we've formed relationships with some of the best grassroots training organizations out there so that you can get additional activist training on everything from social media and blogging, to networking with other constitutional activists, to getting involved in local and national advocacy initiatives.

The 912 Project Outreach

Spread the 912 Project in your community

  • The Block Captain Revolution” [PDF]
    Download the handbook that provides step-by-step instructions on Liberty Evangelism, the “community organizing” way.
    Thanks to Gateway Pundit and our friends from the St. Louis Tea Party for making this available to us, with their permission. While the handbook refers to Tea Party phrases, the concepts in it are universal to all patriot groups. The concept is education and liberty evangelism – 912ers may adapt accordingly for The 912 Project.

Activist Training


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