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Find a 9/12 Group

There are 9/12 Project groups all across the United States, and we are growing every day. Search for the group closest to you in your state. Don't see one near you? We can help you start your own! Simply contact your state representative. It's all right here.



Educating others on the principles that have made America such a great nation will encourage neighbors to help one another in your community. From constitutional documents to activist training, we have all the resources to help you succeed.


Get Involved

Engage your community in constitutional activism programs and advocacy efforts. Find out what you can do to help your local communities, charities and non-profit groups. Plus resources for contacting your state and federal lawmakers.


Share Your 9/12 Story Deadline March 6

A whole lot of change has happened in the last 5 years – some of it for you and because of the 9/12 Project has been encouraging, inspirational, and noteworthy.

  • have you met your significant other through a meetup
  • had a 9/12 baby
  • did something you never would have and changed your life, your community, the world

We want to hear and share your story.

Please send your story (no longer than 600 words) to contact@www.the912-project.com

Deadline March 6, but we need stories ASAP

5th Anniversary Day of Service

For 5 years* the 912 Project has focused on educating, building and uniting our communities. As a way to celebrate our 5th anniversary we encourage each 912 group to hold a Day of Service event to promote our mission and to encourage others to connect with your community. Be creative or use these suggestions for a service project to honor our anniversary and the people who have contributed countless hours in building this grassroots concept! [More]

Oklahoma Re-Leaf Charitable Event

Join us on Saturday, November 9th as The 9/12 Project connects other charitable and civic organizations and individuals to help replace trees in storm ravaged Newcastle, Moore, and Shawnee, Oklahoma. [More]


Washington DC – The American Center for Law and Justice today filed a significant lawsuit in federal court in Washington, D.C. on behalf of Kentucky 9/12 Project and conservative organizations against the U.S. Attorney General, Treasury Secretary, and Internal Revenue Service – including top IRS officials. [More]

9/12 Project Will Not Be Distracted!

Since their inception, many 9/12 groups have been singled out and received a letter from the IRS trying to silence their voice. It was clear to us early on that our organization was being scrutinized due to implied affiliation with Glenn Beck and patriot organizations. [More]

9/12 Regional Leadership Development Conferences


Please join us for a day of networking, presentations and development building!  Our goal is to provide you with information to take back to your groups to provide structure and handle challenges that face our grassroots movement.  Topics range from Volunteer Management to Utilizing Social Media.  Our groups need your leadership to continue to make a difference in our communities.

The conference is open to individuals in leadership roles.  If leaders are unable to make it, please feel free to send a representative. [More]

Making A Difference For Breezy Point, NY

The 912 Project along with 912 Super Seniors will be collecting gift cards and donations to give to the residents of Breezy Point, NY. The residents of this area were not only got hit by the horrific hurricane that slammed into the East Coast on Sunday, but the lost everything they own to a fire that destroyed over 100 homes in their community.  [More]


A CALL TO ACTION – Steps to take between now and November 6th

Put all other issues on the back burner. We’ve got work to do.  If you don’t focus on the most important election of our life time, you only have yourself to blame, again!  This election is about choosing between our Freedoms or continuing down the path of Socialism.  After all that you have done to educate yourself and your community on our Founding Fathers, the Constitution, our personal liberties and rights, don’t let it all go to waste. [More]


The 9/12 Project of Connecticut Remembers

On 9/11 we were filled with shock and terror. I remember feeling like the day would never end and the attacks would keep on coming. But the day did end. When it did, we gathered together in our communities and held one another. We got on our knees and sought God. [More]

Michiana 9-12 Remembers 9/11

September 11th really caught me by surprise this year. I knew it was coming up. I knew they would be showing footage of the tragic events of that day in a constant loop on cable-news channels. I knew the talk-radio hosts would all be playing audio of police and fire department dispatchers desperately calling out to their brothers & sisters who were suddenly no longer on the other end of the radio. I knew it was coming, but when it finally arrived I simply wasn’t ready for how it would affect me. [More]

Statement on the Supreme Court Ruling on Affordable Care Act Mandate

I’m having such a mixed bag of emotions today.  I let things settle overnight, but woke up angrier, more sad BUT more energized than ever to fight for our Freedoms.  I have so many thoughts.  Yesterday, 6/28, was the antithesis of 9/12.  A line has been drawn in the sand.  Are we really one American standing together?  NO!  You either love and fight for Freedom or you don’t.  It’s us against them.  Let’s take the gloves off, call a spade a spade.  We are fighting Communism, plain and simple.

I’ve hestitated these last few years to call myself a Tea Partier.  Towing the line and mission of the 9/12 Project through and through.  Well, today I’m a Tea Partier.  Our groups have worked hard on political issues in thier communites and we always will.  9/12ers have worked on uniting our communites and they always will, but if being political means loving your country and freedom, then we/I am political.

Today I’m ready to tell people, you’re either with me or against me.  Get off my property if you’re not with me.  I will fight your Marxism and we are not friends!  Tomorrow’s dawn may bring a change of heart, but I almost hope not!  — The 9/12 Project

SouthTown 9/12 Project Thanks Chicago Police

On Thursday, May 24th the SouthTown 9/12 Project Chicago will be thanking the Chicago Police Department for a job well done during NATO. Thank you cards and homemade cookies will be brought to the 9th District Police Station in Chicago’s Bridgeport neighborhood. We are encouraging the neighbors to send thank you notes or just stop by the police station and say “thank you” for putting your lives on the line for us.

Calling For Paul Revere

By Art Scevola

Our country is once again largely asleep and seems dead to the perversion of individual liberty that has befallen us over the past three years. Many of us who read and understand history are fully aware that the United States has entered a very dark period. The signs are all around us. Just look at only the most recent events that support my assertion.  [more]

We the People Are the 912 Association

Thelma Taormina is a dedicated patriot. She took the leap of faith, early on in this struggle by found the Houston Meetup Group. Her belief in our country and what it stands for is unwavering. The Houston Meetup became We the People Are the 912 Association, Inc. that holds monthly, committee and special issue meetings. Networking with other groups is never easy; but she keeps up with issues, people and maintains a leadership role. Thelma is a true believer in educating others on our country’s history, our freedoms and our government. Her fervent hope is that we can preserve our country for future generations to cherish, protect and honor. To learn more, go to http://912membersusa.com

More Spotlight articles here.

Constitutional Champions Foundation is a not-for-profit
501 (C) (3) tax exempt organization formed to meet the needs of the youth of this nation.

The mission of Constitutional Champions is to involve the youth of our country through educational programs, school groups, and community service projects.

Our goal is to build an organization that will be the front runner in providing education for youth, on the constitution and founding fathers, and will be the leading example on living the principles and values necessary to bring back the founding principles upon which this nation was founded.

For more information and  to  order your Patriot Camp Kit, visit us at www.constitutionalchampions.org


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